Mossland Volunteer Group

One of the key aims of the mosslands project is to protect the remaining habitats in the North West from being destroyed.

The mosslands are in various stages of renovation, giving a clear view of how the work is benefitting wildlife and the environment.

The Mossland Volunteer Group are working to restore and maintain Chat Moss. In order to extract peat in the past, the land was drained and so the first stage in restoring a mossland is to re-wet it. This is done by several processes of land management including the building of dams and bunds to raise the water levels in order to begin the restoration process.

Enabling local people to get involved offers them the chance to re-establish their childhood playground or grandparents’ work place, while re-telling their ‘life on the moss’ stories.

There are regular volunteering opportunities with the Lancashire Wildlife Trust on our Chat Moss reserves every Monday and Thursday, plus one Saturday a month from about 10.30 am – 3.30 pm. All are welcome to go along and lend a hand, no experience necessary! The activities include;

  • tree and scrub clearance
  • ditch blocking and clearing of invasive species such as Bracken and Himalayan Balsam. This is to reduce the amount of flora interference with the moss, as invasive species absorb the required water and the removal encourages native moss plants to grow instead.

They also take part in many surveys, including hydrological, butterfly, dragonfly and water vole. This helps to inform the group if restoration work is improving the water table and therefore the diversity in flora and fauna on the Mossland.

Given the variety of areas the group work in and the range of species involved each volunteering day is different with a range of practical work involved.

Why not go along and meet like minded people whilst learning about the history of the site and the importance of the Mossland.  You may be surprised to see the wonderful wildlife that is on your doorstep.

A schedule of organised Chat Moss events and activities can be viewed / downloaded by clicking on the pdf in resources below.  For directions to the site please get in touch or go to:

The POSTAL ADDRESS is: Mossland Volunteer Group, Lancashire Wildlife Trust, 399-411 Bury Road, Bolton BL31RU

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